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GOLDEN SAGER MATKA GOLDEN SAGER MATKA 299-01-489 REFRESH   /26/06/2020    GOLDEN SAGER MATKA GOLDEN SAGER CHART GOLDEN SAGER PENAL  CHART SATTAMATKA PENAL CHART Golden Sager Matka                         Golden Sager is a matka game.Golden sager have a number games.  It is National game not a international game.This is not popular games. In a GODLEN SAGER MATKA have two numbers. open and close.                  Sager is a city in a state M.P. in center India. Situated on a spar of the vindhya range and 1758 feet.     (536 m)  above sea level. The city is around 180 kilometers. Northeast of state of Bhopal.       It is original name Saugor is an amalgamotion of two words; sau meaning Hundred and Gor meaning parts.                                          GOLDEN SAGER  is game. Golden sager is a  sattamatka  games. It is also a numbers games. In a Golden sager have a 00 to 99 number but In a one day open only one number. In a Golden sager have a open and close. In a Golde


Main Mumbai CHART ZONE                                                                                                                         MAIN MUMBAI CHART MAIN MUMBAI PENAL CHART CONGO CHART MAIN MUMBAI AND KALYAN ALLL UPDATED PENAL CHART MAIN MUMBAI FIX OPEN TO CLOSE GAMES                                       Main Mumbai is matka game. It published from mumbai. In this game have 00 to 99 number but only 1 number is open in a one day. Main Mumbai can play 5 day in a week. In a main Mumbai is holiday 2 day in 1 week. Mumbai have a 2 numbers 1 number is open at 9.40 pm. It is called a open.  Other number us open at 12.40 am that is called a close of main mumbai      Open close=number Ex.    3   5.   = 35   4.   6 =.  46   Open  MAIN MUMBAI           Main mumbai open comes on 9.40. In a open comes a one number only.                        In main mumbai have a 10 numbers.

Free fix open to close game| Kalyan guessing| Rajdhani Night

Free fix open to close game| Kalyan guessing| Rajdhani Night MATKAONE LIVE RESULT This is free Fix open-to-close games and Sattamatka Guessing . In this game comes Kalyan guessing and Rajdhani night Guessing . In games show 4 open and 4 closed from Matkaone. This is also called Matka guessing. What is Sattamatka guessing? In this games have a 100 Number comes an only 1 in one business day number day like 00 to 99. Only 1 number open only one day. It is also called a Satta Matka, Indian Matka, Sattamatka games. It is very hard to guess Satta matka number, don't worry get matka result and Satta matka game. We are here to provide you the fix Satta matka game tricks and fix Kalyan matka game. Just try our Satta matka number and earn money from Satta matka game, Kalyan Matka Game, Satta king, Satta Mumbai, Satta number, matka number, Gali Satta game, online etc.  We have fix game for matka Satta, Kalyan Matka etc. You can get our online Satta matka game help for fix m

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